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I walked today, and as I walked, I wrote. I roused my thoughts early, and took them with me to the mountain. They swirled about me like mist along the dawn-break trail.
I haven’t walked much in recent months, written even less and, when I have had a moment with my thoughts, it has been all too brief and palsied with mundanities.
‘Busy’ doesn’t really nail it – everyone’s busy. ‘Busy’ also suggests action; a busy dynamo powering through the working week and freewheeling into the fun-filled family weekend. Hmmm… some of that may be true; at least to an extent, and it may well appear that way to the casual onlooker, catching sight of me dashing from place to place, inside though, in my head and my heart, it doesn’t feel dynamic at all. On the contrary, it feels static. Inert and stagnant. The busy-ness has distracted me. And while I was distracted, it’s detached me too. Uncoupled me from my life and shunted me into a siding. Forgotten.
I even forgot about myself for a while there, busy as I…

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