Heavy skies rather than heavy emotion, though I can get quite passionate about some of these scenes, especially the atmospheric sunsets.

All day it looked like we were nothing more than a couple of minutes from a drenching, and there were showers, thankfully not like yesterday's storms.

And then, at the death, there was some kind of release. The clouds started to lift and disperse, the threat of rain dispersed and people came out to play as the whole world lit up.

Memories of Ishikawa

While checking some memory cards I hadn't used in a while, I found some snaps taken in Ishikawa in May last year. I'm already looking forward to my stint there next year. I love the space there. Room to think.


When it comes to clothing, I'm not a huge fan of the colour orange. To be honest, it doesn't really suit me, clashing as it does with my, ahem, rosy complexion. I'm not convinced it suits anyone... I'm certainly struggling to think of any occasion when anyone rocked an orange ensemble. I don't think anyone can, because I don't think anyone does.

That must be why it's become the clothing of (forced) choice in the prison world. It must be an excellent deterrent against escape. I'm pretty sure none of those guys would be seen dead 'outside these walls' in that garrish get-up.

But in nature, it's a colour that really 'fires' me up. I'm drawn to it, like the proverbial moth. It's warm, it's lively, it's full of energy and screams joy to me. I will always look for it; in flower beds and flames, in autumn too and, of course, in my beloved sunsets. But also in decay... rust holds a charm for me too. In nature, I surround myself…


There's a shrine near me that, despite its beauty (and relative renown), is a quiet gem on weekday afternoon. Parking is tricky around there, it's mostly a tight residential area, between the river and nearby main road. No doubt, the river brought people this way in the old days, stopping by to rest along their way. Of course now, they just speed past along the highway. If they do stop, they go to the modern shrines (the shopping centres) that are dotted along the road. It's lucky for me that they are, otherwise I really would have nowhere to park.

So, when I come here, I park at the superstore, and stroll towards the past. Just a couple of minutes, and the modern world is gone. The peace comes and along with it, the sense of energy that has always attracted people to this place. 

A place to reflect

I recently had a pit-stop visit to Hiroshima. I was working so, unfortunately, there was no time for sightseeing. This was a shame, as it really is a beautiful city, with so many spots to belie its all-overshadowing terrible moment in history. Interestingly and of course, poignantly, one of its many attractions, is its ability to inspire reflection. It has more open spaces and feels less 'closed in' than many other Japanese cities. And the many rivers that flow through the city, give it an interesting, engaging feel of gentle movement. It's as though one can board a raft on a river at the top of the town there, and drift down and around (in our mind too), exploring the place, its history, its resilience and its beauty.


I like, I admire people like Tene Edwards. Like many others, I have become aware of her through her words; soundbite chopped and scattered generously around the sns-o-sphere.

I'm not always captivated by her musings and maxims, only sometimes do I connect on the word level, but I can see (feel) the energy that they spread, and that to me is inspirational. Through what she says, I can see who she is, and that she really does 'believe in the woman [she is] striving to become.' I think many other people feel her spirit too; it's rawness, it's uncompromising engagement, it's truth.

There is one short poem in 'Walk With Wings' (www... a perfect echo of her chosen platform, I think), which does chime, though. That hit home on first reading and is now so deeply embedded in my psyche, that it seems like it was always there. Something I knew, but had always ignored. Something that demands to no longer be ignored. Something that, once seen, cannot be unseen.

The poe…

Sand castles

I knew it was going to be a grey day, but I was free and anyway, who doesn't like a bit of flat light? As I parked up behind the sea wall, I could see the fret drifting in. It was by turns wispy and light, and heavy and fresh.

I walked out towards the ocean, but visibility was poor and I couldn't really see where I was going. I knew the rock towers were there somewhere (they're what me and my camera had come for), but I couldn't see them until suddenly I was upon them. I stood and watched as they seemed to move with the mist, swirling around each other. I took a few shots of this eerie scene and was struck by how completely unfamiliar this landscape was. But beautiful too; serene.

As I shot, the mist began to clear from the north, though when I looked that way it was more being pushed away than it was clearing. The promised rain clouds, dark and heavy, were doing the pushing. I took a few more photographs, as the mist dissipated. There was just a second between retreatin…