Just a quiet walk on a crisp winter's day. The nearby zoo was buzzing with families; a tenfold influx addition to the chattering monkeys, but the park was quiet.

I found a spot and, as I enjoyed the sun on my back, the heron got closer and closer. Electronic shutter on meant I could snap without disturbing him, and I was lucky enough to catch him snagging a crayfish.

The universal wheel turns

As the sun has been setting on a few things; cycles, journeys ending and beginning, change, closure... I've collected some appropriate recent shots here. And as I do, I consider again the thoughts I had while I waited to capture them; connections and assimilations.

Counting (the photos)

The photos here, along with the mood they capture and the events they record, are among the various inspirations for the poem posted earlier. I'm looking at them now as I re-read the poem... and find myself 'counting' again.