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So, autumn came late this year, summer sticking around a little longer than any of us thought it would, and much longer than anyone wanted it to. The heat was finally tempered and then cast aside by the massive typhoons that have swept through over the last few weeks, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

It's a seasonal change which leaves us staring winter in the face, but it's a change that's more often than not welcomed by all with a massive sigh of relief. The heat has worn us down. We're wilted and, quite frankly, fed up of wearing the same shorts and t-shirt for several months (well, not literally the same ones, you understand). Autumn is a time for a change to that. An opportunity to go out and, like the trees all around us, get ourselves some fancy new clothes to welcome the winter with. A chance too, to flex our newly returned energy and get away from the cooler and, you know, actually do something; go somewhere.

Ordinarily, the change in the …

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