Do You Remember?

Do you remember?
I’m sure you remember
That night when we walked to the shores of the lake
To look at the moon – and nobody came
(Though I feared that they might),
And the light from the moon was so strong
I could see the white fire in your eyes...
And I lay in your arms and absorbed you
Into my blood, and into my bones
And I prayed you would never forget...

And do you remember? You must remember!
How, on the way back, as we walked through the woods,
The desire came upon me to tell your sweet name
To the trees...
And I searched for the one as we walked through the dark...
I saw her – we stopped –
I ran from the path and embraced the rough bark,
And I cried out your name in the wind and the wild
And she answered me deep, deep in my heart.

And I stood with my arms stretched around that dear giant,
My feet in the earth and my head in the sky
And the wet running down from my eyes
Then, trembling, I ran to the heart of the wood,
And I saw, in your face, the desire and the love
And the hunger ablaze in you yet...
And I knew you would never forget.

I think shared memories are so important in a relationship. To me though, it's not just that you both remember, it's that you remember the same thing; think the same things; feel the same way about them. We all know the pain and misery of one-sided love; isn't there similar pain and misery with a one-sided memory?


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