Dramatic, irreversible, all-consuming change

The year I moved to Japan (permanently), was a big year for me; a landmark year. I emigrated of course, leaving behind the familiar; the comfortable; the safe, but I also bought my first place, hit the big four-o, and became a father for the first time. Any one of those things could be a life-changing occurrence, coming together as they did, was a life-revolution.

Of all the factors that changed my life that year, easily the most profound and far-reaching was the arrival of my daughter, Hana. I'd been warned many times, that having kids would change my life. Some of those warnings were very clear - describing a kind of ending; the death of the cultured couple London life we were leading at that time: terrifying. Other warnings were more ambiguous, and only succeeded  in adding confusion to my fear.

Well, the advisers and confidantes were right; becoming a father has changed my life forever... but totally in a good way. Nothing is the same as it was before, nor will it be the same ever again... and that's fine by me. I love it. I thought I would be a crap dad, and I think that was the reason I'd never had the parental drive before, but actually it looks like I'm no worse than any other, and way better than some. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but it turns out that fatherhood is a real adventure.


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