Health?... Check!

So, I was having my annual health check yesterday. I'm not a big fan, to be honest. I understand their importance of course, and I want to be healthy, and I want to know if there's a problem, so that's not where my dislike lies. It's just the process that I don't get on with: the dressing up in the Star Trek leisure suit, all the waiting around, and the slow-moving conveyor belt ride from one station to the next, so that various things can be gathered, prodded, taken, checked and inspected. And boxes can be ticked.

My company comes over all parental and caring around this time of the year, with a; 'look what we've arranged for you. you can't be too careful, health is so important you know; to you, to your family, and of course to us.'

They don't tell you of course that actually they have to provide you with an annual health check under the terms of the health insurance package we all signed up for, not to mention the vested interest, from a utility point of view, they have in keeping you healthy.

So, yeah, thanks and all that. I do feel much better now that my box has been ticked, and don't worry, there will be absolutely no problem with me continuing to work long hours.

It's a good thing I did get checked though. I mean, how else would I have known that I eat and drink a little too much, and I should probably exercise more. And how else would I have known that the BSE has cleared up. Result!


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