Up to the high woodlands

So, I managed to get out of the city and do a little of that autumn walking I was talking about the other day. Ever since I went north a couple of weeks ago, I've been itching to get out there. This time I went south, down to one of my favourite stomping grounds in the Boso Peninsula; the Tomiyama area. Of my trip, my walk up the Iyoga-take was the highlight. Always a pleasant and interesting walk, not least because of it's rocky peak. And it's always nice when it's quiet and you get the mountain to yourself.

I was worried all week that I might get rained off. The forecasts had been all doom and gloom since the day after I booked my days off (typically), but in the end it was the unseasonable heat and the sun that gave me problems. There was some rain to be sure, but the soaring mid-day temperatures and high humidity gave me both a summer-like sweat bath and even got a little sunburn. Even so, I managed to get a few nice shots on my walk. Here they are:

It's a scramble near the top, ropes and everything, but the view as always is totally worth it.

Echoes of the forest walks back home. In sharp contrast to the forest I found later in the walk.

This reminds me of some 'vista' or other.
Forest trail

The eastern contrast to the pines above.

If you thought, like I did, that this was a photo of a lovely old wooden footbridge, you'd be wrong. Amazingly (not that amazing here in Japan, to be honest), it's made of concrete.

The colour jumped out at me here. There was nothing but greens all around.
Orange pink

Like these.
Cactus mash

Pretty late-autumn meadow. 

One star of many in the cosmos.

Cosmos pink

Water playing at the foot of a weir.


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