Music and Scent

The way music affects us is easy to understand, isn't it? It fills up our senses, especially if we close our eyes. Its beauty and passion washes over us and moves us simultaneously at our cerebral, visceral and emotional cores. Very few things have the power to move that music has.

One of them is scent. So awesome is its power that, with just a single whiff of a particular scent, we can be transported instantly to a completely different time and place.

A few days ago a young woman brushed past me on the train. I got just a hint of her scent as she passed me, but the flashback it triggered was simply overwhelming. Immediately I was there again on that late spring afternoon 20 years ago. The gentle breeze teasing the trees around us on that peaceful Scottish hillside. I'm standing behind you with my arms around your waist as we gaze out across the valley, and on into the vast unknowable beautiful universe.

The scent? I guess it was a mixture of the honeysuckle around us wafting in the afternoon air and the meadow-fresh notes of your hair, mingling with the perfume of your lily-white skin as I stooped to kiss behind your ear, and of course the primal scent of our rising, almost boundless excitement.

It's no understatement to say that the emotional shift I experienced at that moment on the train quite literally brought me to tears. It unbalanced my reason for the rest of the day; unbalances me still.

The woman? I have no idea; the scent memory robbed me of my physical sight, and made me see with my heart.

What an incredible view!


Anonymous said…
Great blog. You've got some really interesting content. I like the poems especially.
Matt Pseudo said…
Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

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