Lake Walk

So, I managed to get in a day's walking between Christmas and New Year. Family commitments (playing with toys!) precluded any sojourn further afield, so I just nipped up to my local lake, about 30 minutes away, and walked round that. Teganuma is an interesting little lake. Well, actually not that little; at over 9 miles long, it's a nice 20-mile round. Perfect for a cool, breezy winter's day.

The thing about Teganuma is it's a bit of a success story. Not so long ago it was considered to be the dirtiest stretch of water in Japan, with virtually no aquatic life, and just the odd scabby water bird to make the look match the plight. And then the big clean-up began. Now the lake is teeming with fish, and flocked with myriad water birds feasting on that abundance. I plan to focus on the bird life in another post, and here have just included a few general views.

It's true that this boat must have seen better days, so too with the novelty helicopter boat on the left, now a grey heron perch, but I do like it's look here, and in this light it doesn't look so bad. I should imagine a completely different feel in a moodier light.
Better days
The wind made this a not entirely successful shot. A faster shutter speed might have helped.
There seems to be a lot of this sort of thing here; interesting outdoor furniture. Of course it's an installation, but it is functional and I did sit in it for a few minutes to admire the view. I'll focus on 'chairs' in a future post.
Outdoor dentistry
Nice lines, bright light and the blue of the sky is particularly vivid in this one.

Quite an interesting building for a pumping station. I just followed the path around the foot, with the lake behind me. I think I'll spend a little more time exploring other areas on my next visit.
Pumping station
I couldn't decide what these were (or had been). They were spring-like, but absolutely huge; I can't imagine their function, but I did like the way the light played across them.
Industrial relic?
Yes, they've got the same stuff over here as we've got back home.
Line of poplars in the park (just like home)
I think I'll be back here to take this view in other seasons. If I get the chance, I'll try and get rid of those old bits of carpet on the bank side. I tried a few angles, but it was difficult to minimize the negative impact they had on the overall effect.
Gone fishing

Rest awhile
I did, and undoubtedly I will again.

I love the darks in these two shots, and the light sparkles on the water. The first one is particularly dominated by its shadows, and looks to be a late afternoon shot, rather than at noon.
Quay light
Much brighter and less intense than the previous photo, and it feels all the warmer for it, but essentially taken at the same time.
Quay light (wide view)
The bridge spans the lake almost at its centre and affords some lovely views from its crest. I think it also has something to offer as a subject, depending on the angle and the light.
Bridge light
Taken from the bridge, looking east.
Wide horizon


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