Gallery Day

So, for the second time, Hana had a painting selected to be exhibited in the prefectural gallery, and we all trotted off the other day to check it out. Well I say all, but Ma-chan stayed at home nursing as it turned out, the dreaded norovirus (aka the shatkins diet!).

The gallery is in a nice area down near the bay and on a clear day (which it was), you can see one or two things of note. Anyway I took my camera; obviously to grab a couple of snaps of the painting itself, but I was also able to take some other photos too. Here they are:

Even from this distance it dominates everything (again, 1.5kg of sourdough pretzels goes to anyone who can tell me exactly where this photo was taken from).

Stainless bridge
I'm not really sure what this is. I've put bridge, but it isn't really. I guess it's a sculpture; I liked the shiny lines against the blue sky.

 Industrial artefact or another sculpture? It's difficult to say really, but I'd go with the former if pushed.

Port Windsurfer
 I like the fact that he is rushing by with energy and grace, and oblivious to the industrial backdrop.

Foundry man
 I was surprised but pleased to see this vivid echo of my past, but I couldn't help thinking that I'd seen this sculpture somewhere before.

Under the Sea
And... the painting itself. I'm not going to attempt to critique it, except to say that I thought the pink googles were a nice touch.


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