Winter trees, winter light

So, I was working away the last couple of weeks. Nice location near the coast in southern Izu, and early starts meant that I managed to catch the dawn on a couple of mornings. I'll be down there again in a few weeks so I'll tree and get some different views. These were all taken form the balcony of my hotel room:

I like the paleness of the sunlight here, and the way the sky and the sea (behind the trees) surround it with their greyness.
Similar to the one above, but the zoom helps to bring out the blue of the grey sky and the yellows of the pale light.
Pale blue
 As the sun came up, I wanted to get some photos into the sun, hopefully with some light marks.
 The sunlight here is very intense again, but the wider angle gives the photo a bit more space.
Intense (2)
 I like the way the sky and the sea flash white in this one.
White flood
 These two were taken at the same time, from the same spot, and yet have a very different feel and colour. I'm not sure why, except that the focus seems softer on the first one (it was set the same, but there may have been more camera shake). 


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