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Weather or not

What a summer it was last year. A summer of extreme weather and a summer of extreme weather-based ‘facts’. ‘Facts’ built on a foundation of truth, but then ripped up by mischievous individuals and blown about willy-nilly, like the corrugated roofs of outbuildings in a storm. Seized upon by eager listeners, as if they were some token found in the ruins of their former home after the typhoon and cherished like no other possession thereafter:

“This summer seemed to go on forever! They say it was longer than the Great Long Summer of 1752, when the rainy season never came and the water dried even in the mouth of the ox…” “And so hot! I heard that this summer is the hottest since the Great Tokugawa Summer when the heat wilted Hideyoshi’s fruit crops, and the dryness shrivelled his nuts…” “And the storms! And the flooding! We haven’t seen the like since the Great Mythical Flood in Yamatai times, which washed away all the gods, covered the land with water, and showed the people how to grow rice.…

Grave humour

So, I cut through the cemetery on my way to work yesterday. It was a beautiful clear crisp winter's morning and, let's be honest, I need the exercise, some exercise, any exercise.
As you can see from the photos I took, the light was good and clear, much better than you would normally expect in beautiful downtown Tokyo. It was nice to use the camera on my new phone. Not a bad purchase that, I think. I don't usually have my camera with me when I go to work, but I often want to take some impromptu or candid snaps. As I said, I didn't have my trusty Olympus or a tripod with me, and as a result the pics aren't the sharpest, but I think these two have turned out very nicely. Anyway, I was in the process of posting these snaps on here, when I noticed that Ma-chan was standing behind me and subjecting me to her trademark sigh. 'What is it?' I asked, already resigned to the fact that it would turn out to be something truly abhorrent; something that it would take the b…

Book review (?)

So, I've just finished reading Julian Barnes's 'A Sense of an Ending' and I'm wondering what all the fuss was about. It's very accessible and it has a very readable style, and there's an interesting sense of mystery seemingly generated by the unreliable narrators disconnect with his own reality, but in the end all he did was write a nasty letter; it's not like he impregnated his girlfriend's mother, is it?!
He might be a bit dull, he might be a bit of a dick, and he might be a delusional idiot, but he's not the anti-Christ. So...? So what? A good book with an interesting narrative style, made average by a clunky, pointless, ineffectual plot twist.
Booker prize, my arse.

Parkland winter walk

So, I had the day off, it was cold, but I fancied a walk. I stayed close to home and walked to my local park and back. It's only about 2km each way, but the park is great; big and with a diverse range of habitats. I stayed on the east side of the park which is all typical open grass and woodland areas. The other side is bigger and has a nice lake, but it's very exposed and, as I said, it was cold. Maybe next time.

The light wasn't great as there was only cloud, so I concentrated on shapes and composition. I think that one or two of these shots look really nice.

Coldplay - Mylo down

So, Tony announced, as we got down our second pints; 'Their use of R and B production doesn't sit too well with me.' I thought about his words as I went up to the bar to get the next round in. What does he mean; he doesn't think they should do it, or he doesn't like the results? Glib snobbery, or honest assessment?

I normally let Tony get away with murder when if comes to music (a bit like the Bay City Rollers did all those years ago, or Lady Gaga does today), he knows so much about it, but there are times when it's a man's duty to restrict his friend to a little bit of friendly GBH, lest the proposed critical murder backfire and turn into shot-in-the-foot suicide. And a crap one at that; the guy in so much of a hurry to get to the paracetemol, that he chokes to death on the pill bottle cap. Don't get me wrong, I think there are some causes truly worth falling on your sword for, but to be honest with you, I don't think Coldplay is one of them. 


Woodland walk and sea views

So, I was working away this week; down in Izu again. This was the last time for a while, so I thought I'd take a few more photos of the surrounding area. There's a walking trail in the grounds of the facility where I'm stationed. It's nice. It's a privilege to walk there. And then there are the sea views from the facility itself. I never get tired... etc...