Grave humour

So, I cut through the cemetery on my way to work yesterday. It was a beautiful clear crisp winter's morning and, let's be honest, I need the exercise, some exercise, any exercise.

As you can see from the photos I took, the light was good and clear, much better than you would normally expect in beautiful downtown Tokyo. It was nice to use the camera on my new phone. Not a bad purchase that, I think. I don't usually have my camera with me when I go to work, but I often want to take some impromptu or candid snaps. As I said, I didn't have my trusty Olympus or a tripod with me, and as a result the pics aren't the sharpest, but I think these two have turned out very nicely.
Anyway, I was in the process of posting these snaps on here, when I noticed that Ma-chan was standing behind me and subjecting me to her trademark sigh. 'What is it?' I asked, already resigned to the fact that it would turn out to be something truly abhorrent; something that it would take the best part of the day to crawl my way back up from.
Sun flash
'Nothing,' was the simple reply, but I knew this MO, and it was never simple. I waited. There was another sigh and then after what seemed a lifetime, 'it's just really bad luck, is all.'

'What is?' I ventured, suspecting that the answer would be me, being alive.

'Taking photographs of graves,' she said, before adding somewhat curiously, 'especially if they're not yours.'

'But it's okay to take photos of your own grave, then?' I asked, sensing an opportunity to tease her a little.

She paused for only a second before crushing me with; 'sure, but you'd best wait for me to finish dancing on it first.' With her one eyebrow raised and her lips slightly parted in a victory smile, she turned and walked away, leaving me with thoughts of my defeat and her unsurpassable beauty.


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