Parkland winter walk

So, I had the day off, it was cold, but I fancied a walk. I stayed close to home and walked to my local park and back. It's only about 2km each way, but the park is great; big and with a diverse range of habitats. I stayed on the east side of the park which is all typical open grass and woodland areas. The other side is bigger and has a nice lake, but it's very exposed and, as I said, it was cold. Maybe next time.

The light wasn't great as there was only cloud, so I concentrated on shapes and composition. I think that one or two of these shots look really nice.

From town to country

But still town

Slow lane

Cross over to the right side of the tracks

And into the trees


Perfectly manicured paths here

This way?

Which way then?

To the charcoal fire to get warm, of course

Nice path

Nice climb

Bamboo cuttings

Back over the tracks

Morning all

It's not really clear what this place is, even to the locals


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