So, I took the family to Guam for a short break last month. Spring was late in coming this year and we all needed warming up. A little sunshine was the perfect tonic and it was a real bonus that when we got back, spring had finally arrived in Tokyo.

A little something for the flight?

Hi there!

Flying high
We've been to Guam a few times now; it's an easy jaunt for us, and it pretty much ticks all the boxes for this type of trip. Just three and a half hours away - fly in the morning, on the beach for afternoon cocktails - and it's a very relaxing place to be. The kids love the water parks and the play areas, the missus and me enjoy the shopping and the restaurants, and we all like the lovely weather and the lazy island life. We did all the things we usually do, and a couple of new ones too. The day spent on the very beautiful Faifa'i beach, is a particularly vivid memory that will stay with me forever. It's pretty close to the central area of Tumon Sands, but it is incredibly secluded and atmospheric.
Blue starfish

Faifa'i swell
Gentle waves
Guam rocks
The beach's owners have created a small paradise village in one area. There you can relax on the beach, do some snorkelling or kayaking, and then eat under the bamboo shelter, while watching the local Polynesian dancers. Or you can head off along the jungle trail to find the Chamarro typhoon shelter cave and the ancient latte stones. The trail goes inland a little and then, as the cliffs sweep round it swings back towards the ocean, emerging onto an even more secluded beach. Here you can look out out over the ocean in prefect solitude, or gaze up at the towering Two Lovers Point away to your right, and lose yourself in its tragic legend.
Latte stone
Two Lovers Point


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