Haruki's first mountain

So, as usual at GW (Golden Week), work has shut down and that means only one thing. Wherever you go, be it shopping mall, theme park or museum, it is going to be heaving with thousands of people all thinking the same thing: 'where did all these fucking people come from?'

Rice field in the morning light
Japan is populace, there really is no getting away from that, as there is pretty much no getting from the crowds. Ordinarily. As we've done a couple of times before, we got out of town a day early and headed south. Thankfully, our plan worked; we missed the traffic and reached Minamiboso by early evening.

At Fusehime Roketsu
We'd talked about stuff to do on this trip, and I'd mentioned I mountain walk. In my mind it was a solo walk, but both Hana and Haruki seemed keen to join me. Hana's gone with me before, but Haruki never has; was always considered to be too young. Anyway, we discussed the idea over dinner on Friday evening, and come 7 o'clock the next morning we were walking together in the beautiful cool morning air. I was under 6 when I walked my first hill, and Ma-chan wasn't too far behind that, Hana too. Although we were only talking about Tomi-san (350m), I did have my doubts, almost founded as Hana-chan went into a strop while we were still walking in and almost before we had even started to climb. She soon hit her second wind though, and by the time we approached the summit an hour or so later, she was skipping excitedly up the steps and slopes, as was her little brother.

I was proud to seem them gain their first 'peak' (proud to see the whole family do it together), and thankful that the weather was okay and the view impressive. And they worked hard to see it, especially considering their little legs, and no doubt that they were just as proud of their own achievement when they did, as I was. I don't think that there's much doubt either that this (hill walking) will become a wonderful addition to our repertoire of things to as a family. Result!

Mossy rocks
River debris damper

Small fall

Looking north from the peak
We made it
Steamy track

South towards Tateyama
East towards Iwai and the ocean


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