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Rest and relaxation

As part of a rest and recuperation order from my doctor after a recent illness, I headed to my usual sanctuary in southern Boso. I think this is the first time I've been down there alone, and it's certainly the first time I've been down there without a car. Letting the train take the strain was part of the plan. And a really good part too; to be honest, a car's not really necessary for my life down there. If I've got my legs, and maybe a bicycle, then I'm sorted.

The much needed break from the stresses and strains of what my life has become recently turned out to be quite literally just what the doctor ordered. The weather was perfect; warm and sunny during the day, but clear and fresh in the evenings, and not a hint of the unbearable humidity that the rainy season would soon bring. On the first afternoon I sat on the cool sand staring out to sea. My stress dissolved and faded just like the whitecaps moving towards me on the shore.
The first day I spent on foot, …


So, last week was my daughter's sports day. She's in her third year at elementary school, so we've done a few of them already. As you might have thought (expected even), they do sports days a little differently here. Where I come from (the 1970s), sports days are (were) a relatively low key, not to mention haphazard, affair. 

All the kids watched, most of them took part in at least one event. The sporty kids got to do loads of events, and the less sporty kids got to fetch and, if 
they were really lucky, carry stuff, under the convenient guise of being 'monitors'. All the teachers would be there. The kind and patient ones helped to look after the kids, especially when they got bored (the kids, I mean - the teachers were always bored). The organized teachers, organized the races, and tried hard to organize all the people too, including each other. And the officious teachers, perhaps unsurprisingly, officiated. At the end of the afternoon, the headmaster would stroll o…