Evening stroll

After I'd cleaned up and changed on my return to the house, I could see that the sky was shaping up to present one of those lovely sunsets I mentioned earlier. I grabbed my camera and headed towards the beach again to catch the last of the day, and hopefully a colourful show to mark its end.
Make tracks
I crossed the railway - difficult to believe this is the express line to Tokyo - went down passed the old school to the northern end of the bay, where these shots were taken. The clouds were fighting hard to block the view, in many cases adding to the atmosphere.

Big sky
Dark sunset
Fading light
Orange and black

Orange sea
Sunset hawk
Wide washed-out shore
The three shots of the rice paddies and the mountain backdrop radiating pink light, were taken on the way back, after the sun had fallen, and just as the cloud began to dissipate. It was a nice surprise end to a  very relaxing day.

Mountain glow wide
Mountain glow
Mountain glow 2


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