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What's the point of baseball?

Well, I’ve just finished compiling and processing all the data from my in depth 3-year study of the professional game in Japan, and I can now exclusively reveal that there isn’t one. That’s right baseball has no point; it is in fact absolutely pointless.

Before you suggest that perhaps my study wasn’t as ‘in depth’ as I’m making out, and just in case you think my conclusion wasn’t arrived at in any way that could be described as scientific, I should just point out that is entirely besides the point. My statement stands and, as you can see below, the evidence bearing it out is simply overwhelming:

First of all, each game is too long… waaaaay too long. Even an interesting sport like rugby or soccer would struggle to engage the spectator if you strung it out for 4 hours plus. 4 hours! And virtually nothing happens! Well, that’s not strictly true, of course something happens, but nothing happens that couldn’t happen more excitingly in about half the time.

I’m not saying it’s boring, that wou…