Iwai break

So, we managed to get a weekend at the beach before the sea started to get cold. As usual, it was all about getting out of the city for a few days, but it was also a chance to give the kids something fun to do to mark the end of their school holidays. We find that, to an extent, the school holidays can be a bit of write-off because of the summer heat. It's probably a bit of a shame for the kids that we tend not to get out and about that much at that time, so it's nice to fix up an activity-filled weekend away for all of us. It's always nice to make some memories.

We did what we usually do, like body-boarding and crab catching, sandcastle building, we even helped some local fishermen to land their catch on the beach. But there were one or two new things to see and do. Our trip to Okinoshima (near Tateyama) to hunt through the rock pools for crabs and fish and so on, coincided with the start of the Tateyama Music Festival. This meant that was a great vibe for us to take in as we hopped from rock to rock nets and buckets in hand.

We also managed to coincide our trip with Iwai's local matsuri. Again, a fun vibe and a little bit of lively spectacle (and some great festival food) for us all to get our teeth into. It was really good fun to see the local community relishing their fun, and equally good that they welcomed us (outsiders) to join them in that.
Crab catchers
Fuji in the clouds

Music on the beach
Art in the trees

It's sushi time
Tuck in

O-mikoshi dancing


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