I've been really busy recently. Luckily for me, I've been busy taking trips, and trips means photographs.

These are from this year's edition of our now annual trip to Shimoda. It's a beautiful part of the world, and just a short two and a half hour train ride from Tokyo. The surf is world class on some of its beaches (particularly Tatadohama), and for that it is a huge draw for the surfers (for my burgeoning band of bodyboarders too), but it has several other charms as well. For me, it's the climate. Despite it's relative closeness to Tokyo, it has a very different feel about it weather-wise, particularly at night, when the clean fresh air makes me want to leave the city forever. During the day, the sun is hot and very strong, but the humidity feels much less oppressive than it does back at home, maybe because we're in our swimsuits. The night is markedly cooler, and this virtually forces a man to sit on his balcony drinking fine beer (Rising Sun for balance when the sun is in fact setting); watching the bay by starlight until the beautiful moon comes to conjure its magic.
Cable car up  to Nesugatayama

I wish I could stay here
Shimoda Bay
Ice cream, please...
Let us pray

What an anchor

Hana and Haruki with the hotel behind
View from the hotel room

Moonlit bay
Moonrise over Tatadohama Bay


Good form
Amazing form
Spiral bridge

My girls

Waves crashing on the rocks

Waves on the shore
More waves crashing on the rocks


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