UK trip 2012 - Hope Valley

It's been some time since I've been able to return to my home country for a visit. The last time was Christmas 2009. I wanted to bring the whole family again, but in lieu of that big win on the lottery, I came over for a solo trip. Solo trips usually mean more time for hill walking, and within 24 hours of landing at Heathrow, that's exactly what I was doing.

The Peak District is very close to where I grew up and, when I come to think about it, feels like a long lost friend every time I see it. It's always the first place I go. Well, second, if you count the chippie.

Day 1 was a nice circuit around Castleton, taking in Winnat's and the Mam Tor ridge, and day 2 was an 'Edge' circuit of Hathersage. The weather was great, which led to a bit of a suntan and some great light for the photographs.

Back Tor from Hollin's Cross

Back Tor

Footpath into Castleton

Lamb near Castleton

Towards Edale Head from Lose Hill

Mam Tor from Lose Hill
Near Hollin's Cross
Sheep on Lose Hill with Win Hill Pike in the background

Peveril Castle
Winnats Pass
Looking back down Winnats Pass
Winnats towers
Winnat's towers 2
Forest clearing
Abandoned millstones
Millstone quarry above Hathersage
Hope Valley mist

Natural sculpture near Hathersage

Less natural stonework

This is a bit of both, and was a turtle surprise

More valley mist near Hathersage


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