UK trip 2012 - Whitby

The last stop on my brief walking trip was Whitby, a favourite place of mine since I came here for the first time on a day trip in my teens. It's difficult to say what the allure of Whitby is, but it seems clear at least that it isn't any one thing. More a combination of all it's charms: the spooky Abbey, birthplace of the cult of vampire; the atmospheric old town, the working fishing port and harbour; the excellent and never crowded beach, the multitude of charming little shops selling Whitby jet and other souvenirs; and quite possibly the best fish and chips on the planet - no visit to Whitby is complete without a visit to the Magpie Cafe.

Now that is most definitely what I'm talking about.

I arrived in the late afternoon, deliberately choosing a hotel some distance from the centre so that I could walk into town along the cliff tops. I strolled down to the harbour, managed to avoid the rush at the Magpie (it's pretty unusual not to have to queue there, although it's always worth it), and then saw out the light with a leisurely walk around the harbour and back along the beach.

Cobbled alley

The harbour entrance
Fly away
The swing bridge
The east wall
The blue-grey sea

Grey twilight

Light house

West Beach


Anonymous said…
Magpie cafe... flashback!
Matt Pseudo said…
Which triggers my flashback, which triggers... and so on...

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