My park

So, after my stroll through my town, I headed up to my park to continue my walk. It's a very popular park but, unusually for the Tokyo area, it's more than big enough to absorb its own popularity. It's the jewel in the crown of my town. Well, 'crown' may be stretching it a bit, but nonetheless 'jewel' it is. The chief thing a love about my park, is the incredible variety of environments it has. That was clearly the remit for the designers and undoubtedly it was their triumph.

Now that the designers have passed the baton to mother nature, their triumph can be witnessed by all. Different areas of the park shine at different points in the natural cycle, and for me the late autumn sun shines best on the lake in my park. What do you think?
Autumn colours
Heron sculpture

Lake posts

Lake view

Lake view (2)

Lake view (3)

Lake view (4)


Reeds and grass

Shadow path

View from the bridge




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Matt Pseudo said…
Thanks Steve. I'll check it out.

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