Park and ride

So, today was a day off for me. Like always when my day off isn't a day off for the kids, I went out to get some fresh air and take some photographs. Like last time, I took in a park, but as this one is pretty far from home I took the bike, stopping off at our local Fuji-san viewing point along the way. I got lucky with the weather again; if anything, it was too sunny and fighting against the washout was the theme of the morning, and specifically why I went out again at sunset.
Bamboo steps

Bamboo light

Shadow steps

Brick leaves


Fuji-san orange

Fuji-san dark

Fuji-san moon

Fuji-san sunset

Fuji-san sunset 2

Fuji-san close

Play area 
Autumn fountain

Park hill

Park pond

Matsuba giku

Tokyo Sky Tree


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