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Izu again

So, I'm busy, but never too busy to pop outside and take a few snaps, wherever it is I'm working. Even more so when I'm lucky enough to be working somewhere as beautiful as Izu.


So, through the kindness of my family, I managed to get out of town for a couple of days last week. There was some bright and relatively warm weather around, in sharp contrast to the big freeze which moved in after the weekend, and of course I tried to take advantage of the lovely clear light. It's hard to believe, looking at the foot of snow outside my window, that I was picnicking on the beach just last week with the sun thawing my bones nicely. I really should resolve to get away more often this year.

Street and Park

So, I've been taking my doctor's advice and walking daily to help with the rehabilitation of my back. Every day, as far as I can, and as brisk as I dare were his words, and I've been taking him at them. Three hours today and getting on for 10 km. Of course I always take my camera, looking for new things to shoot and catching other views of already familiar places. It is a real pleasure, especially on a cool clear day like today.
Photography, as I'm sure you can tell from the (lack of) quality of my snaps, is a new hobby for me. I only have a compact camera at the moment, so all the shots on here are point and shoot. I'm hoping to upgrade to something a bit more versatile later this year, giving me the chance to experiment a little more with the new knowledge and techniques I'm learning. I'll probably get myself some decent editing software and find my way around that.

A walk in the park

So, as it's New Year, we went to the local shrine early doors, to pray for good luck for the coming 12 months. We go every year, as do most Japanese. Ours was busy, but nowhere near as busy as some. We always leave it a couple of days until the crowds have died down a bit anyway.

After the shrine, it was off to the park, ostensibly to fly a kite (that's another strong New Year's custom here), and you just know that most of people we saw flying kites in the park, had probably been at the same shrine as us earlier. In the end, we actually only spent about 10 minutes flying the kite. It's not that it wasn't windy enough (it was), it's just that it wasn't interesting enough for my two. There's so much else to do; football, frisbee, catch ball, skipping (the kids, not me - well only a little), taking photos... and there was a stream nearby... ie. kid magnet.