A walk in the park

So, as it's New Year, we went to the local shrine early doors, to pray for good luck for the coming 12 months. We go every year, as do most Japanese. Ours was busy, but nowhere near as busy as some. We always leave it a couple of days until the crowds have died down a bit anyway.
Shrine line

At the shrine

Dragon fountain

Hana takes the water

Wish tree

After the shrine, it was off to the park, ostensibly to fly a kite (that's another strong New Year's custom here), and you just know that most of people we saw flying kites in the park, had probably been at the same shrine as us earlier. In the end, we actually only spent about 10 minutes flying the kite. It's not that it wasn't windy enough (it was), it's just that it wasn't interesting enough for my two. There's so much else to do; football, frisbee, catch ball, skipping (the kids, not me - well only a little), taking photos... and there was a stream nearby... ie. kid magnet.

More water to take


Hana and Haruki


The other photographer in the family



Hana and Haruki
All wrapped up

Haru... Ki

What you looking at!

No, what you looking at?

What's brown and sticky?

A stick!

I got this fleece from a catalogue

This was the original picture in the catalogue


Brother and sister

Underneath the arches

Water inlet


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