Street and Park

So, I've been taking my doctor's advice and walking daily to help with the rehabilitation of my back. Every day, as far as I can, and as brisk as I dare were his words, and I've been taking him at them. Three hours today and getting on for 10 km. Of course I always take my camera, looking for new things to shoot and catching other views of already familiar places. It is a real pleasure, especially on a cool clear day like today.

Photography, as I'm sure you can tell from the (lack of) quality of my snaps, is a new hobby for me. I only have a compact camera at the moment, so all the shots on here are point and shoot. I'm hoping to upgrade to something a bit more versatile later this year, giving me the chance to experiment a little more with the new knowledge and techniques I'm learning. I'll probably get myself some decent editing software and find my way around that.


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