We'd been walking for quite a while, fractious atmosphere all the way, and I for one was starting to tire. We’d been friends for a while too, such as it was, and I was pretty much tired of that too. Both arrangements were about to change.

The connection between us had been born of a refreshing contrast in perspectives, but ended, perhaps somewhat predictably, as a rift of contrarian hostility.

We'd paused at a bench to catch our breath, and sat in silence until he gestured towards a man and his guide dog, and piped up with, 'he can’t even see, so he’s hardly in a position to take care of a dog.' I tried to explain that it is the dog that takes care of him, but my explanation fell on deaf ears. That’s where the friendship ended. Loss of sight, in the scale of things, is a surmountable obstacle, blind stupidity, however, isn't.


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