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So, at the moment, the tips of my fingers are a bit sore. Not blistered exactly, but a little dry and worn. I'm sure I'll be fine. I just need a little more hand cream I think.

It's true that I don't have what my mum used to call workman's hands (she'd raise her eyebrows knowingly when she said that phrase, as in; 'he's got workman's hands, you know...' To this day, I've no idea what she meant, I daren't ask. To be honest, I don't want to know), but my mitts are no stranger to hard work. I used to know my way around a variety of factories and workshops in a past life, and I have been known to get a 'dab-on' in the garden from time to time, but the source of my (very mild) discomfort this time isn't a power tool, a sledgehammer, an axe or a garden fork. No, it's paper.

That's right, you heard me, it's paper that's leaving a trail on my fingers. Origami paper to be exact. A thousand sheets of origami paper to …

Growing pains

The little things inside our heads
All seemed as real as rain. They doused us with their worry And drenched us with their pain. But bear we did And stand we did, Until our body dried. Then learn we did And grow we did, Until our childhood died.

The thing I liked about this poem when I wrote it was the looking at ideas from different perspectives; inside and out. It starts with a look at the preoccupations of our childhood perhaps 'trivial' to outsiders (adults), but filled with anxiety and fear for us then. It then moves through the growing up and the realization of how the process works. Finally we see how silly it was for us to have been so pent up by things when we were young. Of course the twist at the end is that the child from the inside sees themselves as grown up, while the adult sees that the truth is more tragic than this; the child has in fact died (ceased to exist). The impact of this is, I think, profound and affecting.

Things that make me smile 5

Left-handed tourists putting their ticket in the wrong gate on the metro.

Sleeping sickness

So, today I played football for the first time since my injury, and subsequent 3-month lay-off; scored a couple of goals too. It was a herniated lumbar disc, if you're interested, between L4-L5, and accompanied by a shed load of excruciating sciatica. It was the exact same injury as I'd had four years before. It didn't seem so bad this time, but the recovery was much longer... hmm, funny that, can't imagine why that would be the case.

The other thing that's funny is, the first time around, I know the exact moment it popped - haring down the wing, toe poke towards the goal line just before the slide challenge comes in from the full back and knocks me off balance, one eye on the roll of the ball while attempting to ride the tackle and stay upright, knee locks just as my foot hits the frozen pitch, pain and immobility are instant.

The second time? I have absolutely no idea; I was asleep. Seriously, I went to bed fine on Sunday night, on Monday morning I couldn't mov…

Things that make me smile 4

I spent 2 hours on here yesterday: the first hour in awe-struck, coffee spluttering, glee, and the second hour trying to think of my own 'perfect' request.

Jim, you're going to be a legend.


She lives in her shadows
But happy at her core.
Darkness in my world too,
But ice around my door.
A look is all I need
to start my winter thaw;
Set my spring in motion
And let my passion soar. 

But I won't have her...
She won't have me.

She sleeps so peacefully Through the night, to the day.
And no one else’s smile Can make my spirit fly.

She was busy feathering Her house, her home; her nest
I offered her my warmth, I offered her my best.
In her bright eyes I felt
The soul of her expressed,
But it was the shadows there
That made me clutch my chest.

But I won't have her...
She won't have me.

She sleeps so peacefully Through the night, to the morn.
And no one else’s smile
Can make my spirit fly.

She showed me her darkness,
But I saw only light.
In her sad countenance, 
A shining star delight.
In her noble shoulders
I glimpsed a flash of fight,
Then I saw them turn and flee
For safe and lonely night.

No, I won't have her...
She won't have me.

She sleeps so peacefully Through the night, to the daw…