So, spring in our house means there's no longer any excuses to not get outside. The winter's been unusually long and cold in Tokyo this year. That's led to a kotatsu-based sedentary lifestyle for the best part of four months. It's given me a chance to catch up both on my reading, and my muscular atrophy.

Strangely, the hard winter has resulted in the cherry blossoms coming early. I've seen this fact reported everywhere, but no one has yet stepped up and given me a satisfactory explanation as to why. That's the thing about Japanese TV; no one knows anything, but they just keep right on talking anyway. The bullshit must go on, right? 

Anyway, you've got to get outside to see those lovely blossoms, which takes about five seconds, so then you need something else to do while you're out there. Riding on the scooters and washing the car have been the favourites in my house this weekend, and here's a few photos I managed to take before I had to run away from the hosing I probably deserved.


Pensive in the garden

Haruki... Christmas list already decided


Spray me again
Ha ha, you didn't get me (ish)

You got me


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