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So, last Sunday was another warm day, making for a great weekend overall; the best of the year so far. Again I took advantage, this time heading down to Fukui for the day, another new prefecture for me. Public transport again, this time train and bus via Awara-onsen, to explore the Tojinbo area.

This beautiful spot on the Sea of Japan coast is famous throughout Japan and beyond. Because of the dramatic and picturesque cliffs and views, but unfortunately more because of the location's reputation as a great place to end it all. If it's permissible to call such a place such a thing, then I suppose it really is. The beauty of the scenery is impressive, sadly, so too are annual suicide statistics.

On such a gorgeous day, I didn't get the unnerving feeling (Glencoe syndrome?) of being surrounded by the tormented souls of a thousand spirits from the wild beyond, but I could easily imagine how on another day I might.

Here are some of the shots I took:

Tsurugi walk

So, took advantage of the lovely weather on the weekend and headed up to the hills near Kanazawa. Not too far, there wasn't time, and not too remote as I didn't have my own transport. Well, apart from my legs of course. Anyway, it was trains to Tsurugi, then a short hike to the cable car up Shishiku mountain.

There at the top, the main focus at this time of the year is for the paragliders, who on a weekend, keep the sky busy with their bright colours. But there's also a short walking course and a bunch of small camping chalets spread around an adventure playground and a bar-be-que area. On the other side, next to where the ski slope is in the wintertime, there are a couple of half-pipes set up for the skateboarders. All levels were there and it was fun to watch them for while.

I spent most of what turned out to be quite a hazy day, fighting against the washed out light. There were some shady spots though, and one or two places where the bright sunshine made for some eye-catc…

Ishikawa business trip 2

So, I've been back in Ishikawa again this week. There was some time over the weekend to do some sightseeing, up into the mountains and down by the sea (more of which later), and there was also some time in the early evenings to explore the local area, camera in tow. There's a really beautiful park (garden really) in the town I've been working in (Komatsu), and loads of other photogenic spots scattered around - almost around every corner.

Here are some shots of this beautiful little city. Overshadowed by it's more famous neighbour somewhat, but it has it's own character, and it shines through at every turn.