Ishikawa business trip 2

So, I've been back in Ishikawa again this week. There was some time over the weekend to do some sightseeing, up into the mountains and down by the sea (more of which later), and there was also some time in the early evenings to explore the local area, camera in tow. There's a really beautiful park (garden really) in the town I've been working in (Komatsu), and loads of other photogenic spots scattered around - almost around every corner.

Here are some shots of this beautiful little city. Overshadowed by it's more famous neighbour somewhat, but it has it's own character, and it shines through at every turn.

Cat box

Coffee shop

Double doorway



Flower pot

Flower pot 2

Hotel view - far

Hotel view near

House reflection

Old (but bright) doorway

Pink rose


Restaurant entrance

Riding out of the sunset

Rojo pond

Rojo tower lantern

Rojo - light through the trees

Rojo - light through the trees 2

Rojo - bridge

Rojo - bridge (diarama)

Rojo - waterfall

Rojo - Tower lantern 2

Strange door

Under the tracks

Yellow door


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