So, as Sunday was such a beautiful day, we decided to head up to nearby Kanazawa for the day. No trip to this area is complete without a visit to the very famous Kenrokuen garden. The name derives from a gardening book written by the Chinese poet, Li Gefei. The 'roku' refers to the six attributes of a perfect landscape garden: spaciousness, seclusion, artifice, antiquity, watercourses and panoramas. That's a lot of boxes to tick, but the garden does so with ease, and it is a truly inspirational place, despite the crowds it inevitably draws.

The other stop on our short-list was Higashi-chaya-gai. This old district of town has managed to retain some of the character of its heyday as a tea and geisha house area. Many of the buildings are upwards of 180 years old, and are rightly protected cultural assets. There is a great atmosphere there and the area is well worth the short walk across the Asono River.

Kanazawa Station

Iron seats

Local shop (there was nothing for me there!)

Kenrokuen - Kotojitoro Lantern


Seven Fortune Gods

Midoritaki (emerald) Waterfall




A little colour

Higashi-chaya-gai (East tea district)


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