My trip to Komatsu luckily coincided with the annual children's kabuki festival for which the town is famous. We took a stroll around the town in the evening and just caught the end of the festivities; a little of the kabuki, the myriad of food and fun stalls, the lines to offer a prayer at the local shrine, and the procession to rehouse the mikoshi in their regular resting places until the following day.

To be perfectly honest, the matsuri was nothing special, though the children's kabuki was pretty cool... as was the bar we retired to on the way back to the hotel. Thanks Swinny and clientele... for 'the view', the Belgian Guinness, and for going out of your way to make us feel so welcome.

Children's kabuki

Entrance way

Amongst the lanterns

Shrine line

Street performers

We're ready for you

Coming home
Steady boys


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