So, last Sunday was another warm day, making for a great weekend overall; the best of the year so far. Again I took advantage, this time heading down to Fukui for the day, another new prefecture for me. Public transport again, this time train and bus via Awara-onsen, to explore the Tojinbo area.

This beautiful spot on the Sea of Japan coast is famous throughout Japan and beyond. Because of the dramatic and picturesque cliffs and views, but unfortunately more because of the location's reputation as a great place to end it all. If it's permissible to call such a place such a thing, then I suppose it really is. The beauty of the scenery is impressive, sadly, so too are annual suicide statistics.

On such a gorgeous day, I didn't get the unnerving feeling (Glencoe syndrome?) of being surrounded by the tormented souls of a thousand spirits from the wild beyond, but I could easily imagine how on another day I might.

Here are some of the shots I took:
Shady cat

Stepped path

Pink rose

Grassy steps

Through the trees

Old iron ring


To-jin-bo sign

Tojinbo tower

Exit through the gift shop (as always)


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