Tomiyama charms

So, along with spring in Japan, comes Golden Week. So called because a slew of national holidays in late April and early May cluster into a week of vacation time. Usually. Unfortunately, this year it's 'fallen wrong' and left us with little more than a couple of long weekends. C'est la vie... better just get on and make the most of it. So we all headed down to Nanbo (Minami-Boso in southern Chiba), for a weekend of fun.

Among other things, we managed to catch shrimp in the rice paddies, play tennis in the amazing prefectural sports park, build a whole city on the beach, and dine out in the luxury we deserve. I even managed to squeeze in my usual 15-kilometre jaunt up the local mountain and back. Unbelievably, considering it was a holiday weekend Sunday, I virtually had the whole hill to myself. The sun was warm and the light was good, and I managed to get out early enough to take some photos before it got all washed out. Here they are:

Dilapidated shrine

Mossy steps

Ancient steps

Old stone artefacts

Rice field reflection

Pine copse - low tone

Pine copse - hi tone

Walking shadow

Thistle with butterfly



White iris

Mountain stream storm defence
Futon and tatami


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