Tsurugi walk

So, took advantage of the lovely weather on the weekend and headed up to the hills near Kanazawa. Not too far, there wasn't time, and not too remote as I didn't have my own transport. Well, apart from my legs of course. Anyway, it was trains to Tsurugi, then a short hike to the cable car up Shishiku mountain.

There at the top, the main focus at this time of the year is for the paragliders, who on a weekend, keep the sky busy with their bright colours. But there's also a short walking course and a bunch of small camping chalets spread around an adventure playground and a bar-be-que area. On the other side, next to where the ski slope is in the wintertime, there are a couple of half-pipes set up for the skateboarders. All levels were there and it was fun to watch them for while.

I spent most of what turned out to be quite a hazy day, fighting against the washed out light. There were some shady spots though, and one or two places where the bright sunshine made for some eye-catching contrasts.

Here's a selection of the shots I took:

Spring concrete

Be careful!

Shishiku cable car
Late wisteria

Tsubaki (camellia)

Weigela hortensis


Pink house and red roses

Flying duo

Finding thermals

Getting some air


Pine woods

Huge pines

Tsurugibetsu-in Temple
The shed needs tidying up
Underpass cold and bright

Underpass washout


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