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Kameari town walk

The one memorable thing about this walk was that, despite the overcast conditions, the heat and humidity were just unbelievable (35 degrees and 75% fact fans). I didn't go out until after 2.30, I covered up with my hat and the spf 50 obviously, and I gave my business to virtually every vending machine I came across, and still I ended up massively dehydrated and with a touch of the shakes to boot. No wonder the hospitals are full to the rafters with heat stroke victims. Seriously, what stupid weather this country has. Of course, I am aware that nobody made me go for a walk... I guess it's not just the weather that's stupid.

A walk by the sea

So, I fancied a walk. It was overcast, but I took my camera along. The weather meant there wasn't going to be another spectacular sunset, but there was no shortage of interesting things to snap, as you can see