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Bubble and squeak

So my two, Hana and Haruki, had a great time in the UK, and they were really sad to return home. I don't think it'll be long before they're asking to go again. Well, sure, but let's pay for this trip first, eh?


So, after spending the afternoon on the beach in Robin Hood's Bay, we headed into Whitby for the main event. It's always been one of my favourite places, and happily now it's become one of my family's.

For me it's the variety and the atmosphere. The scale is small enough for you to feel a part of it, but the range is broad enough for you to not feel bored. I think it has a lot to do with the contrasts. And the look of the place. Whitby does have its 'modern' side, but it's also steeped in its own history. Think of the old town and the Abbey on one side of the Esk, and the busy town and amusement arcades on the other. Think of the legendary fish and chip shops, like the Magpie Cafe, and then think of Moutreys or Greens or Luna Piena, and many other very different types of restaurant. The bustling port and the wonderful sandy beach. The piers, the beach huts, The Cook statue, the seagulls, the jet shops, the bridge and the cliffs... and of course, the ever…

Robin Hood's Bay

So, after our fun in the Dales, we headed for the coast and kept our fingers crossed that the weather would hold. It did and it didn't; one evening was showery and one morning was cool, but apart from that it was more fun in the sun. Whitby was our main destination, but we stopped off at Robin Hood's Bay on the way through, mainly to hunt fossils on the beach. It wasn't long before my eldest announced that she'd found one. I spun round to see her pointing at me and laughing. Got to give her that. And not so long after that until we did find a couple of fossils, including a really gorgeous ammonite. Worth the stop off on its own.