Where we stayed

So, we went with the non-resident option for the kids' tennis camp. I mean, why should they have all the fun? We wanted to play in the Dales as well. Which meant we needed somewhere to stay.

There are literally thousands of places to stay around there, hotels, B and Bs and what have you, but we decided to rent a cottage. It's the Dales so it's difficult to rent a cottage in a bad location, but of course some are better than others, in aspect, facilities, decor, and so on, and renting sight unseen was a bit of a worry. All I can say is, we got lucky. Well, we got organised, we did the research, we booked early and that meant that we were lucky enough to find the perfect cottage for us. I hope that, in the future, we'll be lucky enough to stay there again. I'm sure we will.


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