Duty free duty

So, yesterday I spent the day in the airport. I wasn't travelling anywhere (except to the airport and back, of course), nor was I plane-spotting, except in a very literally and casual way ('Oh look, there's one.' 'What one is it?' 'It's a white and silver one.' 'Oh.').

Having said that, I was most definitely people-spotting. I was there long enough to notice the subtle shifts in average customer profiles that almost imperceptibly change with the flow of time; the busy people flying in early for a weekend in town, the holidaymakers heading somewhere exotic for the long weekend; the families finding lots to keep there wide-eyed little ones stimulated, the shoppers and dinners checking out something a little different, the weary long-haulers filling in their layover with some pretty hard drinking, and the list goes on... 

As it happens though, I was working, which on this occasion, involved secret shopping for 10 hours in about 20 locations. Now, I'm often to be found shopping of a Saturday (though not usually for 10 hours) so no particular drama there, but as it turned out, 7 of the locations were restaurants, and that did take some planning. So, it was 7 light meals interspersed with some shopping and, not one to miss out on a new location opportunity, lots of photography.

A long day and food-wise a challenging day (but I did have some excellent food - the caesar salad at the Port-side Kitchen was delicious, the mini tuna-don at Takafuku likewise, and the blue fin tuna at Arisozushi was the best I've had for some time), but I think also a successful day. I mean that in the sense of a day well spent. I put in a shift, but in such a way that I got a lot out of it. We all did; the secret shopper, those secretly shopped, and the client. On top of that, I took a bunch of shots that I think capture some of the flavour of my day.

When it came time to go, part of me wanted to stick around a little longer - watch further demographic shifts, on top of the ones I'd witnessed throughout the day, but part of me was tired, and just wanted to head home if only to avoid eating more food. Despite a fascinating day as a transient among transients, I felt a drive to complete my journey. I wouldn't have wanted my stay to have become terminal.


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