Rural oasis

So, we were out in Nishi Shiroi for the day. My eldest was playing in a tennis tournament at West Green Tennis Club (eventually knocked out in the quarters, fact fans). So in a vain quest to get out of the heat, me and the boy headed across the stream and into the woods. As usual, I was looking for something to photograph (and of course, somewhere to photograph Haruki), and  also as usual, he was looking for something to catch - today it was grasshoppers. He's spectacularly good at this, which makes him very much the 'Master', and not the 'Grasshopper', I think.

We found loads of grasshoppers, wasps, dragonflies, butterflies, birds, and a strange camp fella walking his dog. We also found a great little wayside temple, which we had to ourselves, and we stumbled across the huge JRA Horse Racing School, which I'd been told is round those parts. You never think of such a place existing really, do you? But of course, both jockeys and stable hands have got to learn their trade somehow. Anyway, it looked like a pretty cool college to study at. A massive facility in a very peaceful location.

You get swallowed up by the city sometimes - well by this city at least - and it's a joy to suddenly find yourself in the rural oasis, and only a mere 30 minutes from the down town area. It's also a joy to go exploring when you do... even more so, to go exploring with a wide-eyed 7-year-old.


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