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Kameari river walk

So, I revisited this little town for another look. I stayed close to the river and managed to avoid the slight heatstroke I let myself in for last time I came this way. I didn't really go out with a plan. In fact, more than anything I was actually just taking a walk along the river, but I did take my walk-around with me just in case.

I think this (photography) is now firmly established as my number one hobby. I'll be hiding the cost of new lenses from the missus next... maybe hide their purchase from her... even have them delivered to the office just to be sure.

*whistles quietly* 

Koishikawa Korakuen

So, I called in at one of Tokyo's hidden gems on my way across town the other day. Koishikawa Korakuen. This beautiful Edo-period garden is a really good example of the amazing contrast there is to be found in this fine city. Almost overwhelming in its green abundance, it is nonetheless quite strikingly, and somewhat literally, overshadowed by Tokyo Dome, home of the Giants baseball team. The whole area round about here is hallmark bustling metropolis, and thankful no doubt, that the neighbourhood lung functions so effectively and beautifully.

It was in my mind to take a few 'before' shots. This garden is at its best in autumn clothes, which it will be donning over the next few weeks, and I will most definitely be by again to witness that change. Look out for part two.

Rural oasis 2

So, another Saturday, another tennis tournament. The weather was a little cooler, but my girl still let her hot head get the better of her, and she ran out of steam well before the end (quarters again folks, though this time, as you can see from the photo, more than a little disappointed not to do better against an appointment she more than had the beating of).

The outing did give me another shot at snapping the surrounding area between matches. Again my boy accompanied me; or rather, I he, as he again went hunting, this time for the somewhat elusive praying mantis. But he's no slouch it seems with any species, and mister mantis will need to do a lot more than pray, if it really wants to stay out of the insect box.


So, last Friday, the night turned out to be much longer than my sleep and I found myself padding restlessly around the house long before dawn. I didn't want to wake the others, so I headed out with camera to welcome the sun.

It's been a while since I watched the sunrise and, as I did, I considered that maybe I shouldn't leave it so long next time.


So, I headed into town on my day off, and chose to tread a familiar path. I haven't been this way for a while, but it is a route I know well; off the train at Nippori, and just wander through the back streets to Nezu and beyond. Wherever the fancy takes. Whichever backstreet you take, there is something to catch the eye. There are temples in all directions around here, plus there are one or two other notable sites, like quirky (and busy) old style shopping street, Yanaka Ginza. Definitely worth a couple of hours of anyone's time.

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