Feeling This Way

When I tire of mountains
And my dreams move over the ocean
And away
To some other bay or peninsula;
Some other place, that has taken
And absorbed into itself
One I have recently met
Who haunts me
Figuratively, shy of her own beauty
And impervious to her charming
Of me, then I am possessed.
I have abandoned myself to this:
The longing of the seabirds
Who fly for a lifetime, to seek their mates
Upon the plains and sustain themselves
With their own desires.
The greed of their imaginings
Is like pain. It is exquisite.

This poem is about the thoughts and feelings we have when someone has entered our heart. The emptiness of our daily lives sends us off into our dream world, and there we're filled with desire. We are possessed by those feelings, and their intensity both pains us and drives us on. But I'm left with questions when I reread this one, though; does desire really sustain us if it isn't fulfilled? How long for? For a lifetime? Doesn't it rather just gnaw away at us, eat us hollow from the inside? I don't know the answer to any of these questions. All I do know is that, I love the idea of this poem; I want to feel that way, and I really want that exquisite pain to last forever.


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