Hot jinja

So, I took a stroll around my local shrine and the surrounding area one beautiful morning last week. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how we all (me included) consistently take for granted the beauty and splendour that surrounds us. I must have hurried through here a hundred times on my way to somewhere or something the importance of which now completely (thankfully) escapes me, and not once have I stopped to enjoy the charms of this part of my town.

The interesting thing for me is that, in tourist terms, my town is nothing special. It's no Kyoto or Nara or Kamakura; nor is it a Kobe or Yokohama or Kanazawa; it's not even a Mito or Sendai or Sapporo. It's not flooded with tourists, or inundated with young and beautiful revellers. It's not even full of shoppers looking for a bargain or something new. It is, however, my home and, without doubt, it's absolutely bursting with charm and allure, and colour and light, and the vibrant texture of the community it holds. No, it's not a tourist hotspot, but it's my hotspot, and while ever it's this hot it will remain my spot.


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