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Top 10 albums - 2014

So, it's that time again. When I put together a list of the 10 best albums I've listened to this year, and then fail to narrow my selection down to fewer than 15, thus making a mockery of the post title. Well, I didn't get where I am today without making a mockery of things so, here's my list, as usual, in one particular order...

15. Warpaint - Warpaint

14. Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband

13. Metronomy - Love Letters

12. Swans - To Be Kind

11. Robert Plant - Lullaby and... the Ceaseless Roar

Shooting Tokyo

So, I was on the east side of town with my camera and a little time to kill. I visited a few stations I often pass through with work. In each of the stations I visited, I was looking for literal 'snapshots', so I tried not to spend too long there. These photos are from Shinagawa (1-6) and Ueno (7-11).

Colourful Kogen

So, I was in Izu, working my regular gig for the final time this year. As you know, I enjoy my time in that area, which is just as well considering how much I spent down there (we were trying to work it out the other day and we reckon it's getting on for half a year total). Here is the snapshot of my latest visit. It's a colourful place, isn't it?

Autumn in a Japanese town

So, the autumn warmth pulled me out from under the kotatsu again, and I headed for the south west of my town. The local shrine here is popular at this time of year for traditional 7-5-3 celebration of childhood ceremony. We honoured it when our two were 7 and 5, and all had a lot of fun dressing up in kimono and posing for photos. I was hoping to catch a few families doing similarly today. To be honest, it was quieter than I expected, but the light was good and there is a lot to see in that area, so no matter.

Nokogiriyama revisited

The second day was windless and dry and simply a perfect day for walking. My circuit took in Saw Mountain, Nihon-ji, Hota, Hamakanaya, and another sunset by the sea. Favourite spots to be sure, but there's always something fresh... always.