East Jujo to North Senju

So, I worked myself free from my various duties for a city walk one beautiful sunny afternoon between Christmas and New Year. I did have a vague idea of where I was going and what I wanted to shoot, but of course I was flexible with myself to the point of randomness and, as usual, it made all the difference in terms of enjoyment.

I'd heard that Higashi (East) Jujo was a kind of cool, old style shopping area in the north-east part of Tokyo. I was expecting back lanes, funky little coffee shops and restaurants, and a bohemian buzz. There was an element of that, but actually it was a bigger area than I'd thought, and largely it was just one long covered arcade, similar to that found in a lot of out-of-town districts in the city. In any city. It did have a charm though, and I scouted a few spots that will undoubtedly get more attention at some point in the future.

On the way up there I'd seen from the train a large park which looked interesting near the station just before, so when I'd taken a few shots, I decided that my walk would be in that direction. Asukayama was the park, just by Oji station. It's a really nice family spot with a great play area on the hill inside the park, and another one in the river valley just outside the north side of the park. I can imagine this second area would be absolutely packed with families on hot summer days.

I wandered around the park as the late afternoon light faded and diffused. I watched families wrapping up their fun and their days in their picnic blankets and heading towards home. Some were moving towards the residential areas thereabouts. Others were walking down through the park gardens towards the JR station. I wasn't ready to head home myself, and had it my mind to take a few night shots from somewhere or other when it got darker, but I did drift down towards the station.

On the spur of the moment, I jumped the Arakawa Streetcar, which also stops by Oji station and heads east towards the river (the Ara). A few stops along brought me to Machiya, and the intersection with the Chiyoda subway line. I didn't transfer, as I might have done on another day, but instead headed towards Kita (North) Senju along the river. I wanted to walk, and I was hoping to take those shots of the riverside skyline, hopefully with Tokyo Skytree somewhere in the shot.


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