Lake Teganuma revisited

So, it's a new year and, although I'm not normally one for resolutions, I've decided not to start all my posts on here with, 'so'. Starting next time, obviously. No real reason except the usual; got bored, but it is surprising I think. Not that I've decided to change, but that it's taken me 2 years to get bored. Having said that, I will still use it (clearly I like it), just not to start every post. I wouldn't want it to end up being my sole legacy when my blog life wanes (as they all do), like a washed up comedian's crap catchphrase ('turned out shite again!').

Anyway, I had half a day to myself, and thought about heading to the hills (particularly my local one; Tsukuba-san). But it was a national holiday and I'm not one for group walking. A large part of the reason I walk is for solitude. I want to commune with nature. If I wanted to commune with people, I'd just go to a pub, would't I? And of course, sometimes I do, but today I avoided the crowded hills and headed for my local lake, Teganuma.

It's an 18km round and, of course, easy walking all the way. The south east side of the lake has a purpose-built cycling/running course which can get busy on the weekend, but you'll get the west and the north side pretty much to yourself. The day was cloudy but bright, which made for some interesting skies and reflections.


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