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Snow shrine

Jingi Taisya in Izu-Kogen is a very modest shrine. It doesn't have the bells and whistles that some shrines do, but what it does have is a nice aspect. Set high on the hill, it has great views across the nearby park to the ocean beyond. It's also true that it's at its best in the winter time, especially with a little snow and ice around to enhance its look.


As it's one of the main rail hubs on my side of town, I pass through Ueno on an almost daily basis. If I don't pass through it, it's probably because I'm making a point of missing its rush hour crowds. I seldom make Ueno my actual destination these days. But why? It's charms are many and obvious. From Ameyoko - bustling market style shopping district - to the galleries and museums of Ueno Park, to the lakeside walks and the zoo, to the station itself. I took the chance yesterday to stop awhile and enjoy something of those charms. I'm glad I did.

View and hue

Work's taken over again. It's almost as if it's trying to claw back some of the time lost in the new year holidays. It'll have to claw a little harder to stop me slipping out for a sneaky late afternoon stroll, or a crafty dawn jaunt.