Pi Xiu

Pi Xiu

I am Pi Xiu; they call me the white bear.
I am the hidden king of this bamboo forest.
With my white and my black fur I’m invisible
In this snow, these dark rocks, these misty shadows.

I am the hidden king of these mountain heights.
I’m not a clown, nor a toy. I do not care
To be seen. I walk, for all my heavy weight, 
Like a ghost on the velvet pads of my black feet.

Unseen with my black and my white fur
I haunt the streams, I flip out the little fish.
Scoop them out of the water with my black paw.
(I have a thumb; like you, I have a hand.)

Among this sparkling snow, these rocks, these shadows,
I roam. Time is my own. My teeth are strong.
My jaw is their powerful engine. I feed
On chewy bamboo, on small creatures too.

You call me panda. But I am King Pi Xiu.
Monarch of this misty mountain forest,
Ruler of snowy peak and hidden gorge,
Invisible spirit of this sovereign land.

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago, but wasn't happy with the final line. It was about about the giant panda being endangered. Of course it's an important point which (ahem...) bears repeating, but it wasn't really in the spirit of this particular poem. And that word 'spirit' was the key to me making the change. It echoes the 'ghost' of the second stanza, but expands the meaning to round out the poem with a fuller feel. It's a final line, and in this type of snapshot, descriptive poem, it needs to tie things together I think. I'm much happier with it as an ending than I was, and now I think it might finished.

We shall see. 


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