Tojogaoka Museum of History - plum blossoms

With the weather being extremely mild yesterday - there was something like an April feel to things - I went out to catch some plum blossoms. I headed to my local museum of history, Tojogaoka, the grounds of which I knew to have a few nice trees. I was hoping to have the place to myself, which didn't quite happen, but no matter; the sun turned up (where ya bin, man?) which was worth the entrance fee alone. Actually, it was only 150 yen, to be honest.

It's an easy 20 minute stroll south of the station, alongside the Tokyo-bound tracks. On route I called in briefly to the tiny Taishoji temple, paid my respects and took a couple of shots:

It's less than 5 minutes further on to get to the Tojo Tei. It was originally one of homes belonging to Tokugawa Akitake, part of the famous Mito clan. The house itself is largely in it's original state with some beautiful airy rooms, including a great little fire-proof storage room, and excellent views from the verandas down across the Edogawa, on into Tokyo and, on a clear day, all the way to Fuji-san. I couldn't see that far yesterday, but I could pick out Tokyo Skytree and one or two other landmarks.

But I was here to take photos of the delights of the gardens. They're a nice mix of western style open lawns and and orchards, the fashion at the time of its construction, and other features more typical of formal Japanese gardens.



Sino said…
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Tamao said…
Beautiful photos! nice to view on March 3rd!!!
Matt Pseudo said…
Thanks Tamao-san.

Yes, perfect for Hinamatsuri.

It's a nice place. I can't believe I've lived in my town for 8 years and I'd never even heard of it! I need to take the work blinkers off, ne.

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